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Xiamen Gamay Powder Coatings Co. Ltd., located in Xiamen, Fujian province, P.R.China, is a professional manufacturer of thermosetting powder coatings, ISO-9001 certified, with auto produce lines and experienced team workers to serve customers throughout the world, which makes the company enjoy great reputation with a variety of types, designs and colors:

General Industry
Domestic Appliance
Furniture Coatings
Automotive Coatings
Functional Coatings
Decorating Coatings
Transferring Thermo-print Coatings

Our Ambition
To be the first choice of Customers, Employees and Shareholders.

To be a respected member of society.

Technical Service
We are sure to provide perfect quality and performance with consolidated technology base. Customers can get indeed support from our professional technical service team, which makes us the ideal partner to the powder end users.

Environment Commitment
We actively commit on health, safety and environment with the rules and principles of Labor Law, Environment Protection Law, Industrial Disease Prevention Law and other responsible HSE charters.